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This page is dedicated to the photography of my grandfather, Milorad Jojic Brko - MJB. This page is a DRAFT, as I am still in the process of scanning, culling, processing and determining the final layout, the page is not yet publicly available, and can be seen by “invitation only”. If you are seeing it, I hope you enjoy!

About Brko

Brko was a recognized and awarded fine art and commercial photographer. Born in Serbia, he moved to Bosnia after WW2, together with his wife and daughter (they had a son soon after also) and spent most of his career working for Energoinvest - a Sarajevo, Bosnia based corporation. Among many of his awards, his most prized are EFIAP (“excellence” rating of “International Federation of Art Photography”) and AFIAP (“artist” rating of the same organization) awards which he received in 1960’s. He was an avid member of the “Foto Savez of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

about this project

My grandfathers work was considered lost to time by most with only less that 7 small images surviving, however, I have recently become aware of a considerable collection of negatives in family possession. As I am myself a photographer, I offered to take these negatives, digitize them and make them available to the public. The biggest and hardest part of this process was deciding how to “present” the negatives - how to crop them, dodge and burn them, what to keep in and what to crop out. As such, these should be seen as interpretive works - based on the photography of MJB.