Olympus Pen EE-3 - Video Review & Samples

I recently acquired this little gem of a camera on eBay.  It arrived in good condition from a seller in Japan.  I took it out for a spin, and I thought to do a short video review with it here.  Instead of me rattling on about it, just watch the video and the review the samples ...I hope you enjoy!


Yes, I bought a camera ...for $3.99 plus tax.  Once upon a time, this plastic fantastic point and shoot camera (Minolta Freedom Zoom 140) - with a whopping f/9 lens at 140mm - may have cost a few bucks more (I think I saw somewhere it was $500 new in 1999).  Now, not so much.  Still - I was impressed with the automatic exposure and the photographs.  Passive AF system did not get it right every time ...but it did get it right ...most of the time.  Sometimes, flash went off when I did not mean it to ...but other times, it did!  "Panorama" mode (I say "" because it really only covers up the film to make it look like that on regular 35mm shot) worked ok. Closeup feature was also nice (see second fire-hydrant photo).  I had a blast with the camera (just around the house), and may take it for a real exercise on of these days.  Now ...why do I bother?  First off ...because its fun.  Second off ...maybe, just maybe, photography is not really about all that gear.  I still like my Hasselblad, and my Olympus OM-D E-M1.  Is that ok?  Film was fresh Fuji 200 from Walgreens.  Processing was done at home with C-41 kit from FPP.  V550 scanner.  :-)