Kenosha, Wisconsin - on Early Saturday in March

I recently acquired a piece of photographic history - Hasselblad 500c.  The medium format beauty defined the segment for decades, and the machine is still going strong.  Put on some film in the back, head out ...and let the magic happen.  I arrived in Kenosha on an early morning, hoping for a sunrise.  None visited.  Turning to the shapes and feel of the Simmonds Island Lighthouse and surrounding beach, I snapped a few shots.  Then, traveling along the long lake, I encountered a dead fish ...and thought it an interesting subject.  A few snapshots later, I headed to breakfast.  After a meal, I took a walk through a couple of Kenosha neighborhoods, and found some interesting architectural detail and a cat in a pet shop window.  She is looking for a new home, I think.  I hope you enjoy.  Photographs were taken (mostly) on Hasselblad 500c with 80mm Zeiss Planar, Fuji Acros 100 (lighthouse and beach) and Kodak Tmax 400 (city).  Development was done with D76 1:1 solution and scanned via Epson V550.