Photographs from Ireland

This is the 2nd installment from my short series "Photographs from..."  They were taken in June 2016 during my short stay in Ireland near Ballina, Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.  The weather was exceptionally beautiful and cooperative, so many opportunities presented themselves to take some great photographs with my Hasselblad loaded with contrasty and saturated Velvia 50 slide film.  The selection includes the west side of the Downpatrick Head and it does not feature the famous location as much as the surrounding beauty.  Included are photos from beach at Enniscrone, Ireland as well as another location when one drives the national road toward Sligo - Aughris Head (great 2 mile walk with beautiful sea views).  I hope you enjoy!

Photographs from Bosnia

Photographed in June 2016 on the banks of the River Una and Una National Park in Northwest corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was amazed by the beauty and color of the locations I visited.  Velvia 50 film was a great companion to the experience and Hasselblad's medium format shallow depth of field allowed me more creative control (even though it can also be frustrating at times).  Some of the photographs fall in line with current thinking of what makes a "good" photograph, while others go against the grain (for instance, soft and out of focus foreground elements).  I do believe many of them provoke an emotional impact, at least in me, and as such I find them a success.  Let me know what you think (comment section is available below).  Taken with Hasselblad 500c and Fuji Velvia 50 film.  Scanned on Epson V550.