retired Kodak Technical Pan - So sharp, you can cut yourself!

I was told about this film, and I have resisted its temptation for quite a while.  One can easily pay $1 per photograph to enjoy it, and has to be rather selective even then, as they stopped making it some 12 years ago.  I have read many posts from photographers that said it was a difficult film, hard to expose, hard to process, hard to handle, well ... other said it was the best thing that happened to them (photographically speaking - at least I hope so).  I decided to give it a shot.  Loaded some in my Oly OM4, set the ISO to 25, and off I went to McHenry, IL ... a very challenging location in a middle of winter.  I developed it in Xtol 1:5 solution for 12.30 min @ 21C, and overall I was not disappointed.  Love the look!  (please excuse the photographs, it was more of a test) .  If you can get some hands it...try it.  As for me, I feel like Oliver Twist, "May I have some more, sir?"