Barcelona Snapshots

This is a selection of film photographs taken in and around Barcelona, Spain.  Barcelona is a beautiful city, but I found it somewhat difficult to photograph.  Many small streets, narrow passages, and lack of light in certain situations.  I hope these give you some sense of place and people there. Enjoy!

Photographs were taken with Leica M3 / 50mm Summicron and with Olympus OM10/24mm Zuiko.  Films used are Ektar 100 for color and Delta 100 / Pan F 50 for black and white.  

Galena, IL BW Collection with Oly Trip and Delta 100

Sharing a selection of images taken with the Olympus Trip 35 camera, Ilford Delta 100 (developed in DD-X) and scanned with Epson V550 scanner.  First several photos are taken in an area between Galena and Rockford (Erin, IL) and show a burned down building that used to be a church (a store more recently).  I thought this was an interesting photographic subject.  The remainder of the photos are from the town of Galena, IL (place worth of a visit).  I was very impressed with both the sharpness of the lens as well as the quality of the film / development I got with this combination of materials.  Thanks for looking, and enjoy!