At The Car Museum with Ilford Pan F 50 +

I recently purchased 2 rolls of Ilford PanF 50 120 film. I was interested in this film because it is advertised as an extremely low grain film. For street photography, I prefer grain, but I like little or no grain in fine art photographs. I used the first roll on a night photo shoot, but had difficulties developing it with Ilford Ilfosol 3, which was the only developer available to me at the time. The negatives seemed blotchy and unevenly developed. After some further research, I found out Ilford recommends their DD-X developer for best results. I ordered some from B&H Photo and used it on the 2nd roll (one featured in this blog).

Film was loaded in my Yashica D 6x6 medium format camera, and the photographs were taken while visiting a car museum with my son (great fun!). Film was exposed at ISO 50 (box speed) in full daylight using iPhone Lightmeter app: "My Light Meter PRO", which I heartily recommend. It is not easy to work with this film in low light without a tripod because of its slow speed, but the tradeoff is magnificent separation of tone and milky smooth negative.

After film development, images were scanned on Epson V550 scanner using VueScan and ColorPerfect software. Adjustments were made in Lightroom. Below are the results, and I am quite pleased.