Malmo through the lens of Olympus 35 RC

A small set of photographs taken in Malmo, Sweden with ancient Oly 35 RC cam.  Film used was Ilford HP5+ pushed to ISO 800 and developed in D76 1:1.  I encountered several modern shapes which seemed to work well by themselves, or blended with the older formations made by man.  The train station also provided some interesting opportunities.

Olympus 35 RC Rangefinder Video Review

I purchased this camera on Ebay a few months back, as my first attempt to get back into film photography and enhance my overall photography experience. I read some great reviews about this fun little cam, and I thought to give it a shot. I have run a few rolls through it now, and it's a keeper! Love the compact size, ease of use, metering, and overall sharpness. Here is a little video to go along with the post: