Sigma DP1 Quattro - Foveon to the rescue!

So much has been written about Sigma cameras and their Foveon X3 sensor technology - most of it negative - I could no longer stand idly by.  I had to try it for myself.  I put an order for it from and found some time to give it a go.  Foveon is not  a regular bayer array sensor.  It has 3 layers, recording 3x the information.  Which can come in handy.  So, how about the results? WOW*.  I think you just need to look at the photos.  Prints look even better.

*Disclaimer:  You have shoot under ISO 400 for best results.  No image stabilization.  Fixed 28mm equivalent lens (an excellent one at that).   For best results, you must use Sigma's RAW software - no one else can process the files (ON1 may in the fall).  You may use autofocus, but you need to wait a bit until it finds stuff.  You cannot take photos in quick succession really - one at a time. You will not take more than 50 before battery runs out.  No video.  No wifi.  No GPS. Yes, it's like shooting a film camera.  WHO CARES!

PS:  Images were taken in Lake Geneva, WI and Wilmont, WI.  Processed with Sigma RAW software, Lightroom and Silver Effects 2.0.