Photo Essay - The Case of The Dead Fish

I have been encouraging myself to write about my photographs.  Mostly, for myself.  To reflect; to improve; to consider and to contemplate.  We live in a world where most photographs (certainly most of mine), get less than 1 second.  I want to give some a little more time.  

What in the world made me take this photograph?  Recently I presented to a nature club.  We talked about the "usual" nature photographs - birds on branches, sunsets, and similar beautiful subjects.  But, I also encouraged the group to find subjects of nature that are a tad more provocative,  more contemplative ...with perhaps a little more content.  Maybe this is why I stopped to take a photograph of the dead fish, washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The photograph is not very attractive.  I don't think that was the point.  But, there are elements in it worth considering.  First element is the fish itself.  The fish presents a little bit of a mystery.  How did it get there?  Fisherman?  Natural causes?  Environment?  Does it matter?  Probably.  It made me look to see who was around, what structures were near by, factories, people made me more aware of my surroundings - of our environment.  Second element are the dog paws around the fish.  Dogs were there.  Sniffing, I am sure.  Did not seem interested.  Why not?  Dog's nature...smell...what else?  More environmental interaction.  Third element - the waves behind the fish.  They take up most of the photograph.  It is the energy of the waves that will most likely "erase" this scene, eventually.  Nature will take it over.  It will try and heal ... or to forget, perhaps.  To move on.  I find this interesting.  Perhaps, I need to answer a question this a "nature" photograph?  Yes.  A strange one.

There is a comment section below.  Comment, please.  Even if you hate it ...tell me why.