A Blast From The Past: Kodak Retina iia and Kodak Plus-x 5231 BW film

Just before the holidays this pivotal 2016, I was able to acquire a series of cameras from a family found through a local listing on Craiglist.  Within the lot was a Kodak Retina iia film camera built somewhere between 1951 and 1954.  I really did not expect it to work at all, but as I played with it, and worked on discovering many of its features, I came to realize that it was fully functional.  Almost on the same day, I also received a shipment of various odd films from Film Photography Project.  Among them was this Plus-X 5231 cinematic film, which promised to deliver silky smooth tones (turns out, only if you develop it properly - a task I did not complete as well as I should have).  I photographed Woodstock, IL on a lonely post Christmas morning.  The images were not what I thought they would be, but it did create an interesting look - there was quite a bit of noise to contend with, the density of the negs was high....but I liked it, all in all.  I will definitely shoot with the camera again.  Not sure about the film.  You can view the images here, or you can watch a video presentation by clicking below.