Rollei QZ 35T Camera Review

I was in Japan up early one morning, and what better way to kill the time than to look for cameras on eBay, right?  I am not sure everyone in my family would agree.  Either way, I found this little gem at a decent price, and decided to purchase it (after clearing it with the control tower, of course).  I have enjoyed it as much as I thought I would, and thought it was time to make a little video.

These are quite rare, and they were made just for a while by a South Korea manufacture for Rollei.  However, the HFT lens was Rollei original from Germany.  This model (35T) comes from with medium wide to medium tele lens and there is also another model that came with a wider lens (and it is more rare).  The cost new was about $2800 USD, so would expect some quality in build construction from that.  and I think it delivers.  All in all, the camera has some unique features, and takes lovely photographs.  I have shared a few of them here, together with the video.  Enjoy.