Zenza Bronica SQ-A - Review

Zenza Bronica SQ-A is a Japense made medium format camera.  SQ designation stands for Square, as this particular model shoots 120 film, creating square negatives (6x6 cm or 2.25 x 2.25 in).  Letter A is the model number - Am, Ai and B versions were released as well.  This camera was made in 1980's and it is a modular camera system, similar to Hasselblad.  This means the lens, view finder, body and the film backs are all interchangeable.  This allows the traditional analog film photographer considerable amount of freedom in setting up the best system possible, to suit the occasion of a particular photo shoot.  The camera can be, in certain situations, frustrating, since there are several different mechanically controlled "safeties" which may prevent one from firing the shutter in a critical situation.  It may be that the lens shutter and the film are out of sync, it may be that you simply forgot to remove the film protector, it may be that the battery is running low ...and so on.  This is why I would not recommend it to someone interested in capturing quick action or decisive moments - unless you feel you have mastered this little gem and know all it's little quirks.  Once one is used to this though, the camera is fun to shoot with.  I find the view finder installed on mine to be very bright, but the focusing is still a little challenging.  I hope you enjoy this short video review.