At The Train Museum with Ilford Delta 100

 tried yet another film recently - Ilford Delta 100. I was looking to see what level of grain the film would produce, how easy it was to develop it, and what dynamic range it was capable of reproducing. Overall, I quite like it. It does not have the tonal range and silky smoothness of PanF 50, but it has been, so far a little easier to develop and scan. I used Ilford DD-X developer for this film, and the develop time in 1+4 solution takes about 12 minutes (5 longer than PanF 50).

I hoped for a nice and dry day, but it rained the night before, and the alleys between the trains were flooded. I had to change my plans a little, focusing on train reflections and the trains running that day - like the great Silver Pilot Zephyr diesel locomotive made just before WWII began in US. One of the other interesting areas I focused on was the waiting station which provides some amazing window light. Next time, I will put someone in the bench to pose I think this location has many possibilities.